Wheel Chock for a 3-D Printer

A project by Tom Frommeyer and Ken Hanawalt.

Tom Frommeyer and Ken Hanawalt are using wheel chocks on the Turtle Creek Railroad to keep cars from rolling off the end of the track on a car barge. The wheel chock model is based on a prototype photo found at https://modeltraingeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Track-Bumper-Corner-Brook-20151028-SLB-2.jpg .

The above image shows the models installed on the barge.

The above image shows the design as displayed by the FreeCad design tool.

The file WheelChockD-Body.stl is a Stereo Lithographic file that you can use with a slicer to make prints of the design on a 3-D printer.

The wheel chock fits snugly over code 100 rail and will hold a car from rolling. On the prototype it would be bolted to the rail. On the layout it could be secured with a dab of glue if needed.