MCR BOD Meeting October 21, 2007

submitted by

Jerry A. Kyslinger, Superintendent

Division 2 is financially stable. Membership stands at 278 and has increased slowly over the past six months. As previously reported, the model railroad collection of Division 2 member Don Land was bequeathed to Division 2. Because Don switched membership from the NMRA to the S-Gaugers in the late 1990s, no one knew what was in his collection. There was a lot of controversy about accepting the collection. However, the risk was worth the effort and the collection brought $3,748.10 into the Division 2 Treasury.

The printing and distribution of the Division 2 newsletter, The Keystone Flyer, is our largest annual expense. Discussions on how to reduce this expense has taken place over the past 6 months. 500 copies of the newsletter are printed 10 months of the year (it is not issued in July and December). 278 of those copies are sent to the members and another 120 to 150 complimentary copies are sent to the National Office, the MCR officials and the officers of the MCR Divisions. It has been concluded that cutting back to 400 copies would not result in any appreciable savings and that doing so is not an option.

Division 2 continues to use the bulk mail permit it acquired when the 1990 National Convention was held in Pittsburgh to distribute its newsletter while other MCR divisions have switched to online distribution through their websites. Because there are a considerable number of elderly members that probably do not access to the Internet and because of the large number of complimentary issues mailed to potential and former members, online distribution is not feasible. Since online distribution would decrease the number of issues that were mailed, we would be in danger of losing our bulk mail permit. Thus, in order to provide full service to our membership and officials at the national, regional and division level, Division 2 will continue its current practice of mailing its newsletter.

The 2008 Division 2 Jamboree will again be held at the Sewell Center of Robert Morris University on April 12, 2008. Moving the date forward should eliminate the weather problems we had last year. Five clinicians have agreed to make presentations so far. The 50th anniversary of the formation of Division 2 will be celebrated at the Jamboree. The Jamboree Flyer will be posted on our website and on the MCR website when it becomes available.

The Executive Committee (Super and Assistant Super) met in August to review to Division 2 Constitution and By-Laws for the purpose of aligning them with the National and MCR Regulations. The new Regulations will be distributed to membership as soon as typing and proof reading are completed.

Our petition to host the 2013 National Convention has been accepted by Henry Jordan. We request a showing of support by the MCR and the BOD in our efforts.

Since I am term limited and since my term of office will expire on April 30, 2008, this is my last opportunity to address the MCR officials and the BOD. I have attended every meeting over the past 5 years (the first year I was a proxy). I always considered my attendance to be a duty of service, both as representing my division and in conducting the affairs of the MCR. Although I have always disliked the drive on I70 because it is so straight, I will miss your fellowship.