White Elephant Sale

of the

2020 Mid Central NMRA Region Convention

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This year’s convention will again offer attendees the opportunity to dispose of surplus model railroading items (NO MAGAZINES) and to acquire some new treasures from other attendees.

The rules are simple. Forms need to be filled out prior to bringing your items to the sales room due to time and space constraints.

Prepare an inventory here - form, preferred for legibility.

Print a .PDF file or download a .XLSX file and prepare a handwritten form that will be accepted as long as information is printed legibly, in all capital letters, showing your full name including middle initial and brief item description (please include the item’s main color in the description). The online form has multiple pages, so be sure your numbers are consecutive.

List each individual item with your FIRM price in whole dollar amounts. We will only sell at the marked price and will not negotiate pricing on your behalf.

Each individual item must be clearly marked and priced. The price on the item’s sticker and the inventory must match. If there is more than one of an item, please list, tag and number them separately. If you are selling a group of items, they must be securely attached or bagged together. If you have more than 25 items, just add another sheet and continue as per the instructions on the website. All items must have a price sticker showing your 3 initials and the item number from your list. The example for how to mark your item is shown below.

KSD-15 $10

Bring all your items to the Westinghouse Room at any time it is open. A copy of the inventory sheets must accompany your items.

We will log your items in, sell them, reconcile sales and calculate how much you have earned. Division Two will keep 10% of actual sales (whole dollar fee) and we will pay you.

You must pick up your unsold material and money on Saturday afternoon by 4:00 before we shut down. If you do not claim your unsold material or money, it will be considered a donation to Division Two.