Refunds or Cancellations

for the

2020 Mid Central NMRA Region Convention

The Steel City Express Convention will generally not make refunds, other than as explained below. Individual requests will be considered on their merits, after the convention’s finances have been settled.

Any refund granted will be paid by check by the convention treasurer, mailed to the registrant’s home address after the convention is over. No immediate refunds will be made at the convention.

No refund will be granted if the registrant misses a bus for an extra fare event.

If an extra fare event is cancelled, then a refund will be issued as explained above. Any tour is subject to cancellation if there is a lack of participation.

If an extra fare tour is already filled to capacity when your registration is processed, then there will be a numbered ticket stapled to a refund request enclosed with your packet at the time of check-in.