Division 2 Reward Program for New Members

2024 Incentive Rewards for Recruiting New Members

For the entire year of 2024, we would like to encourage current members to seek out potential new members at train shows, hobby shops, clubs or anywhere such candidates might be found. Division 2 will reward members for any new members they recruit.

This is how the reward program will work:

  1. The current member tells them about the NMRA’s RailPass program and that the division will pay for that RailPass if the following takes place: saves his/her receipt.

  2. The new member will complete an application on the NMRA website and purchase a RailPass membership.

  3. The new member comes to a Division 2 meeting in one of the next 3 months that meetings are held.

  4. The new member is issued a check for the RailPass membership ($19.95) when their membership is confirmed on the Divisions Membership list provided by the Mid-Central Region on the first of each month and they fulfilled the requirement to attend a Division 2 meeting. Note that if the new member enrolls in any other membership level, we will refund the cost of a RailPass membership.

  5. The recruiting member is issued a check for $10.00 when the new member fulfills the requirement to attend a Division 2 meeting.

Since this Incentive Program will run for the full year, we going to add 2 more incentives for our members.

Note, the bonuses cannot be stacked. Any member that is awarded the 5 recruits bonus will not receive the 3 recruit bonus.