Our guest speaker this year will be Tony Cook. He is a lifelong railroad enthusiast and has served as editor of Model Railroad News for nearly a decade. He also is co-editor of White River Productions' HO Collector quarterly and associate editor for Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. Mr. Cook lives in rural northwestern Missouri and his favorite railroad era is 1950s to 1970s. He models and collects mostly HO, but also enjoys O, S, and N scales. Tony also maintains the "HO Scale Trains Resource" website which documents the history of HO scale products. We think you'll enjoy what he has to say about our hobby!
"What's the Hobby's Next Stop?" will be the evening talk. Tony will discuss developments of that last 25 years and how they impact today's market. And look at developing trends that appear to have value and interest for the near future and beyond.

We all have some model railroad "stuff" we'll never use. Why not help our Raffle be even more successful by donating one or two NEW items. Just bring them the morning of the Jamboree so they can be placed on the tables. The bigger the selection, the more tickets will be sold, that way the Division benefits and you have contributed...it's a win/win.

We have four popular vote contests for everyone, it's easy, no judging, no pressure...just bring your models and photos, the more entries we have the more interesting the four popular vote contests will be for everyone.

Also, the White Elephant Sale has been getting bigger each year and we want to keep it growing. It's painless, if there are things you no longer want, put them on the WES table and walk away with the cash after they sell.

This year we are breaking a tradition of the Jamboree at the Sewall Center, it will be at Yorktown Hall, Robert Morris University, 8256 University Blvd., Moon, PA 15108.

Yorktown Hall is located 0.75 mile north on University Blvd. from Business 376, just past the DoubleTree on the left, and across from the Moon Area High School, or 0.8 mile south on University Blvd. from the RMU main campus entrance, just past Moon Clinton Road.

Jamboree Checklist:

  • Register
  • Bring a friend
  • Bring contest entries
  • Bring items to display
  • Bring items to sell at the WES
  • Bring a Raffle donation (new)
  • Bring cash for purchases